Gypsy Kings is now offering Micro-blading. This is semi-permanent cosmetic makeup for eyebrows. The pigment usually lasts around a year and a half; this can vary due to color, age, skin type, skin care products and sun exposure. No tattoo machines are used during the procedure. Instead, your technician will use a small pen-like tool with different tiny needle attachments to score the pigment into your brow. Each stroke of the pen will create the look of an individual hair and when this is repeated over and over again, you are left with a very natural looking, full brow. Technically, this is still considered a tattoo because the pigment is being placed under the skin but the pigment does not get placed as deep as it would with a tattoo machine so the result is only semi-permanent. Numbing cream is used during the process. Most clients describe the pain as a mild discomfort similar to a scratch. Eyebrows usually take around two weeks to heal. They can lighten up to 50% during the healing process. The first touch up on your eyebrows will be free. Micro-blading is done by appointment only. You can call the shop or email Danielle directly to set up an appointment. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.